Let's face it - Wearing a Mask Sucks!

However, there is a mandatory requirement to wear masks whether we like it or not!  This Covid-19 pandemic has really messed with our makeup game!  Face masks have proven to be a good way to stop the spread of Covid-19.  I know that these masks are supposed to decrease the wearer’s risk of catching and spreading the virus but still…
Wearing lipstick has been a challenge for people during this pandemic especially if it transfers to your mask.  This is why Bighiza Cosmetics is offering matte liquid lipsticks that dry matte and decrease the risk of transfer to your mask. 
Our lipsticks are long-wear and dry matte so we will avoid staining the inside of our masks.  So it is possible to avoid all that lipstick smudging with our long-wearing matte liquid lipstick.  Since our lipsticks stay on longer and avoid transfer, it makes sense to apply a product with a velvety finish that stays put all day!  We recommend wearing Liquid Matte Desire to stay smudge-proof under your mask 😊

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