Bighiza Cosmetics was created in the United States to make the most beautiful luxury skincare & makeup possible.
Our Makeup Artists have been working in beauty over ten years and they have mastered color principles that consider ethnicity, skin color, and undertones of color.
We are using the latest technology for manufacturing. All cosmetics are cruelty free.  This means that animals are not used for testing purposes from the sourcing of raw ingredients to the final stages of product development.
Bighiza Cosmetics strives to exceed all customer expectations by providing the highest quality products.  We are committed to compliance of all applicable regulatory requirements to ensure safe and effective products and we continuously improve our systems to provide increased value to our customers.
Accurate expectations and specifications regarding products are the foundation of a sound manufacturing process. Bighiza Cosmetics partners with world-class manufacturers to ensure that all raw goods meet or exceed the specifications of our customers and industry-accepted standards.
Compliance to Good Manufacturing Procedure (GMP) is paramount to producing safe and effective products. At Bighiza Cosmetics, we pride ourselves with producing the highest quality and safest products through rigorous adherence to all applicable GMPs.
We offer exciting colors, and we constantly look for cutting edge trends that stay desirable all over the beauty world!